Frequently Asked Questions…

  • What is an independent vending machine operator?

    It’s to your advantage. Being an independent vending machine operator means we don’t have to commit to any particular supplier or manufacturer. This ultimately allows us to provide our customers with the best range and most popular products available. Larger vending machine companies such as Coke Vending or Smith’s are limited to just their own brands.

  • Do we have to pay anything for vending machines?

    No way. We take care of all delivery and installation costs, as well as continual servicing and maintenance of the vending machines.

  • Can you provide more than one vending machine?

    Of course. Our solutions are individually tailored to each site and we’ll supply any number of vending machines required for the job. We’ll also monitor the performance of your vending machines to ensure you have enough equipment to meet demand.

  • Do we need to do anything once the vending machine is installed?

    Just use and enjoy the vending machines. Honestly, you don’t need to do a thing!

  • Will we be locked into a vending machine contract?

    Absolutely not. Unlike most of our competitors we’re very confident in our level of service and will move mountains for our customers. If we’re not fulfilling our obligations then you’re welcome to discontinue our services at any time.

  • How much commission can we earn?

    This is how it works. Commission is paid quarterly and can vary enormously from one site to the next. We have a basic price list for our products and the rebate is tacked on to form the sale price.  We recommend no more than 20 cents per item though.

    We use a very reliable monitoring tool to track stock levels and identify sales trends. Because our vending machines are new and well maintained we generally turnover more product than our competitors.

  • We’d like gluten free options, is that possible?

    No problem. Our range is so large that at least 20% of everything we sell is low fat, low calorie, zero sugar and gluten free. Please note that we cater for all dietary requirements, not just gluten free.

  • If we get bored can we change products?

    All good. Your Vending Machine Technician will continually gauge what’s selling and what’s not. If a product isn’t so popular they’ll discuss different choices with you and suggest alternatives.

  • How often are the machines attended?

    Whatever it takes! At least once per week, but ultimately as often as necessary. Many sites are visited two possibly three times per week during the middle of summer. Again our monitoring technology keeps track of stock levels and this helps us schedule effectively.

    Whilst on-site our technicians fully assess the vending machines whilst conducting everyday maintenance. This constant ‘eyes on’ approach allows us to head off faults before they have an impact on you.

  • Can we use payment cards?

    You sure can. Our vending machines are all equipped with the latest ‘Tap & Go’ card readers for your convenience. Mastercard, Visa and American Express (credit and debit cards) are accepted.

  • What if there’s a problem with a vending machine?

    We got you covered. Each vending machine is clearly marked with a phone number, email and machine ID. Simply contact us by phone, text or email and we’ll visit the machine as a priority – our standard response to fault time is 1-4 hours.

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