Innovative vending solutions

Delivering quality vending machines...

...tailored to your workplace...

...using brand new equipment...

...all with cashless systems and monitoring...

...managed by a team of vending professionals!

Providing quality vending machines throughout Brisbane.

Vendit Australia is a highly regarded vending machine operator based in Brisbane, Queensland.

We supply businesses throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast with high quality ‘brand new’ vending machines, completely FREE of charge – bringing cold drinks, snacks, frozen meals and ice creams directly to the workplace.

Our ‘attention to detail’ approach and outward thinking enables us to provide the most innovative vending solutions in the market, specialising in all deployments from single vending machines through to multiple vending machine solutions for a larger workforce.

As forward thinkers we embrace the use of new technology.  Each of our vending machines is equipped with the latest ‘tap & go’ payment systems and monitoring tools, along with a host of other equipment designed to make our vending machines reliable and simple to use.

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New Machines

Our vending machines are ‘brand new’ when sited and get recycled after 5 years to ensure great performance.

New machines benefit from the latest tech, which means better reliability.

Vending machines are mechanical and they go through a life-cycle, just like your appliances at home.

Old vending machines break down more often – FACT.

When was the last time your operator gave you new vending machines?

Latest Tech

Innovation and technology is essential to running a successful vending machine operation.

We take a more long term approach, focusing on doing the best job we can for our customers.

Our vending machines are equipped with cashless, monitoring equipment, advanced coin mechanisms and high value note acceptors – as STANDARD.

We are the only operator in Brisbane to be rolling out ‘Media’ vending machines in large numbers.

Our vending machines go into service equipped with cashless systems, monitoring equipment, advanced coin mechanisms and high-denomination note acceptors – as STANDARD.

We are the only operator in Brisbane to be rolling out ‘Media’ vending machines in large numbers.


A vending machine is nothing without products and we work closely alongside you to find a range of products tailored to your workforce.

Operating seasonal planograms means the range in our vending machines changes to suit the seasons.  In addition our team will continuously analyse sales and evolve the contents of your vending machine accordingly.

20% of the real estate in our vending machines is allocated to ‘alternate’ products that will change every few weeks.  This is designed to keep consumers interested and happy.

30% of our range is devoted to healthy products – including low fat, low calorie, low sugar and gluten free options.

We pride ourselves on being truly brand agnostic, in that we don’t limit ourselves to specific brands, this would only hamper our ability to provide good variety.  This is just one area where we add significant value over larger operators.


Our philosophy is that vending machines should be worry free to our customers and provide a valuable enhancement to the workplace.

An ‘attention to detail’ approach combined with excellent operational process enables us to achieve our objectives and exceed expectations. These principles have seen us grow into a company that reliably services thousands of happy customers every day of every week.

We’re so confident in our ability that we won’t ever ask to enter into a contract, unless you require one for your own reasons.

Our vending machines, technology and professional team all combine to provide the best customer service in the business.

We will never openly criticise our opposition because at Vendit Australia we let our actions do the talking because we know ‘we’re only as good as our last vend!’

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